Hej and welcome to In2Danish Translations. We are here to help you get your beard out of the mailbox. Say what?

Translating from one language to another is never simple, but using a professional linguist gives you a better chance of getting it right the first time. At In2Danish Translations, we provide translation, editing, machine translation post-editing, proofreading, and voice-over services between English and Danish. We specialize in a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects, but our primary focus is:

pharmaceutical, website & software localization and marketing/advertising.

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What we focus on...

In2Danish Translations specializes in translating creative copy for a variety of products. We understand what it means to make a text feel truly local, transforming your marketing slogans into colloquial Danish content that feels like it is "native" to Denmark, not translated.

In2Danish Translations specializes in pharmaceutical translation. Our particular areas of expertise include:

- in-depth familiarity with the medical terminology used in the translation of clinical trial material such as protocols, patient-informed consents, patient diaries, and questionnaires. 

- detailed knowledge of translation templates and guidelines used by EMEA (European Medicines Agency) in connection with the translation of drug information materials (SPC, PIL, inserts, and labels) for submission to the Danish medicines agency Lægemiddelstyrelsen.

- extensive experience with the translation and recording of voice prompts for interactive voice response (IVR) systems as well as user materials for IVR systems for study sites participating in clinical trials.

Translation is only one aspect of the software or website localization process. 

Software localization also entails the adaptation of software products to the specific requirements of the target locale. For localization projects between English and Danish, this involves differences in formats, metrics, time and date specifications, length of text elements, sorting order, concatenated sentences, and much more. At In2Danish Translations, we make sure that these and other relevant areas are addressed in your localized software by locating them before the translation process, addressing them during translation, and testing them afterward. 

Website localization requires mastery of many of the same areas with some additional considerations. For web-based content, the most important aspect may be usability. From a Danish user's point of view, does this website or web application feel like it's made in Denmark or does it appear to be translated?  In2Danish Translations doesn’t simply translate your website — we localize it to guarantee successful communication.


The translators we collaborate with are located in different time zones around the world, so we are able to work on projects virtually around the clock, making it possible to offer fast turnaround times. Many projects can easily be handed off at the end of the workday on one continent and completed overnight before being delivered back to the client the next morning. There is also no need to delay because of long weekends or public holidays. We can simply get the job done in another country so it is ready when you are.  

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