The full translation process is made up of several subtasks including translation, editing and proofreading. At In2Danish Translations, we can provide all the individual tasks in the translation process separately or take care of the complete project from start to finish, where each step is carried out by different linguists. We can also advise you on how you can trim your text to maximize on your translation budget or advice you on where the use of language technology (such as translation memory tools and machine translation) can benefit you.



In2Danish Translations offers voice over services for a variety of needs. The voice over is carried out by a native Danish speaker with an alto voice, and no region specific accent. The recordings are carried out in a professional recording studio.

Areas of expertise include:

Interactive Voice Response Systems for Clinical Trials

Advertising Spots for Radio and TV

Corporate Sales and Training Videos

Software Applications 

e-Learning and Website Audio


The sheer amount of worldwide textual content has exploded in recent years. With much of this content, the traditional translation process is not applicable due to time and cost constraints. 

At In2Danish Translations, we understand that many clients want to use machine translation to achieve their budget and time goals, followed by post-editing to the appropriate quality level in order to make the text ready for their audience. 

We are certified post-editors, and we can provide post-editing services tailored to your specific needs, from gisting and light post-editing to full post-editing that will bring your machine-translated content up to human-level quality.

Let us help you evaluate your situation to find the best solution for your particular needs.


Before we start translation, each project is assessed and researched to ensure correct terminology use as well as proper localization to the specific market or end user. 

From the very beginning the terminology is maintained in a client-specific terminology database to ensure absolute terminological consistency within the project and between linguists. Involvement by your local teams in this crucial process is highly encouraged.

During most translation processes, we use translation memory technology to save all your translations in a database so they can be reused. This guarantees the greatest possible consistency between different version of the same document and saves you time and cost.

If you have your own translation memories from earlier projects, we are happy to evaluate and use those as well. If you don't have your own translation memories, we can help you get started by building translation memories from earlier translations.

The editing steps involves a review of the translation by a second equally qualified translator. This second translator offers an additional layer of quality assurance to the translation to ensure maximum accuracy and adherence to the glossary. In addition, the translation is also processed using various automatic QA tools to assure a functional equivalence between the original and translated texts.

Any corrections made during the review phase are added to the translation memory database, so the memory is always updated. At the end of the project, this translation memory is part of our deliverable to you, and we can also maintain it for your future projects.

The proofreading step is carried out during the final layout of the document to ensure that no mistakes were introduced in the layout stage. This last step provides a concluding safety check to ensure that your document is ready for publication.

This full-cycle TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) ensure a high standard of excellence that our many clients have learned to depend on.

Each project has one contact person to convey questions from the linguists and to respond to any questions you might have for us.

Are deadlines missed, details falling through the cracks?

Let our vast experience, knowledge, and professionalism stop those issues in their tracks...